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Staff Feedback Form

The main purpose of the Staff Feedback Website is to facilitate closer communication and working relationship between staff and Corporate Management in Singapore, with the ultimate aim of building together a satisfying and productive work environment.

The Staff Feedback Website is an avenue for you to raise ideas, suggestions, concerns and complaints to Corporate Management in Singapore if you genuinely feel that the matters involved had/will not be appropriately dealt with at your entity level.

Your Feedback may be categorized into the following;

1) Work Environment
2) Human Resource Matter
3) Company Culture
4) Colleague
5) Direct Supervisor
6) Local Management
7) Others

All staff feedback will be forwarded to the Corporate Human Resource and will be treated as “Private and Confidential" Corporate Human Resource will look into your feedback and assess the appropriate actions to be taken in consultation with Group CEO. Please use the form to give your feedback.

In the event, if you feel that the matter is of a nature that is serious enough to be brought to the attention of an independent party, the Serial Whistle Blowing Policy is a channel you can take.